Airsoft workshop

Repair or tuning of airsoft weapons and accessories

Basic revision of weapons such as shim

Hop-up optimization

R-hop installation

Turning and milling work

Rewiring with mosfet

Turning and milling work

spare Parts


Repair of free weapons

Repairs or spare parts for pneumatic weapons or gas signal weapons

Airsoft shooting cinema

Registration by email or phone required! Participation from 18 years!

The SOF SchieŖkino Berlin is an electronic shooting range with a screen size of approx. 3 m≤. Moving targets for one or two shooters can be projected onto the screen. Simulated clay pigeon shooting, rifle shooting, hunting simulation and more. High measuring accuracy, max. Energy below 0.5 Joule, suitable for Airsoft (S) -AEG.

Weapons rental for film and photo

Rental and sale of 1: 1 replica weapons as props for film production, photography and theater. If you have questions or are interested in our offer, we are always at your disposal.