Denix Decoration Cartridge AK47 1 pcs.

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Denix Decoration Cartridge AK47

Replica of the famous infamous 7,62x39mm AK cartrigde. Developed in 1943 by chief engineer Nikolai Michailowitsch Elizarov the AK47 cartridge was first used in the SKS. In 1947 this caliber became the standard ammunition of the legendary AK47 and later AKM developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. This ammunition was the primary infantry ammunition of the warsaw pact forces. The „Awtomat Kalaschnikowa;“ was probably build around a hundered million times and no one can estimate the number of rounds fired. It reaches billions for sure!

The weight of the original cartridge was around 16 gr, including bullet, case, primer and filling - with a total weight of 14 gr. DENIX does a great job in replicating this.

Dimensions: 4.9 cm
Weight: 14 g

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